This is The Oldest Painting In The World


This is The Oldest Painting In The World – Archaeologists have discovered many of the oldest paintings in the world. During this time, many thought that the oldest paintings were only in the form of paintings on cave walls. In its history, in addition to paintings in caves, there are paintings like the paintings at this time which are believed to be the oldest paintings in the world. The paintings are believed to be thousands of years old. The archaeological finds further suggest that early human inhabitants had settled in the region.

The newly discovered painting further adds to the list of the oldest paintings in the world found in Indonesia, where humans in that place are considered to have a fairly advanced civilization.

Archaeologists are still developing research and investigations into the technique and even the human DNA that painted it. Because the painting is not only a picture of a wild animal but also a picture of two hands behind it. Archaeologists argue, the painter made his hand as a mold, then the dye was sprayed from the mouth of the painter. The wild boar image is estimated to be around 45,500 years old, The Guardian reported this week.

The painting of a wild boar in the Lang Tedongnge Cave is about 1000 years older than the other paintings found in the Leang Bulu Sipong Cave. Both of these caves are located in Maros-Singkep, South Sulawesi. The painting measuring 136 cm x 54 cm was made using red pigment. The painter detailed the fur on the upper body of the wild boar, complete with a pair of fangs in its mouth.

Near the painting of the pig, there are prints of a pair of palms. There is also an image of two pigs that has now faded and according to experts, the painting was actually meant to tell a story.

The World’s Oldest Painting

1. Paintings of ancient burials in Hierakonpolis
Hierakonpolis is the Greek name for a city in Egypt called Nekhen. There is a painting depicting a cemetery in Hierakonpolis which is believed to have been made in 3500 BC (BC). The painting is made of ancient plaster and paint.

The painting is actually very difficult to interpret. This is because there are different painting objects. In the painting there are illustrations of hunting, war, dancing women, animal worship, and funeral ceremonies.

There are also historians who interpret the painting as a blend of Egyptian culture with Asian society because there are many different illustrations. This painting has been named the oldest painting ever in the world that does not include paintings on cave walls.

2. Painting of a Dancing Woman from Knossos
The second oldest painting in the world is a painting of a woman from Knossos in Greece. This painting is estimated to be 1600 BC (BC). This painting is made of pottery and paint as the main material.

This painting depicts the upper body of a woman dancing. This painting is believed to come from the Minoan civilization which is identical to the figure of King Minos of Knossos. There is a question about the painting, which is not yet known for sure whether the dancing woman is a real person or an imaginary figure.

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3. Tomb painting of a roaring lion
The oldest Etruscan painting is known for a painting depicting the tomb of a roaring lion. It can be said that this painting is one of the oldest paintings in Europe. This is because many historians estimate that this painting dates from 690 BC (BC).

Historians believe the animal painted is a lion, although there are also those who suspect the animal in question is a deer or a horse. This painting is a mural that was discovered in 2006, when a tomb thief pointed out a location to ease his sentence.

4. Silk painting of a person riding a dragon
Silk painting was a painting that was popular in China in ancient times. In its history, there is a silk painting that was painted in 475-221 BC (BC). The painting depicts a person riding a dragon.

In the painting, the person riding the dragon is also holding a sword. There are also other objects in the painting such as small birds.

This painting is believed to be the oldest painting in China’s history to date. The painting was found in the Zidanku Cemetery of Hunan Province in 1973.

5. The Wall in the Sallust House
There is also atypical architecture which is believed to be one of the oldest existing paintings in the world. This painting is believed to have been made in 400 to 100 BC (BC). This painting is made of stucco and paint.

Unfortunately, some of the objects in the painting were damaged by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius near Pompeii. The painting depicts the Sallust House which was an elite residence in the ancient city of Pompeii.