the world shattering painting of Van Gogh

the world shattering painting of Van Gogh

the world shattering painting of Van Gogh – This time we will turn to one of the famous painters, namely Van Gough, with a painting that had shocked the world, there are several kinds with each of the meaning of the painting.

Dutch-born painter who has created thousands of paintings which are now immortalized in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Among the thousands of Van Gogh’s paintings, once shocked the world because they are considered an art with a skyrocketing level.

When Van Gogh entered the mental hospital in Saint Remy de Provence, he still had time to paint a phenomenal work with only makeshift materials called Starry Night created in June 1889 depicting an east view from the window of Van Gogh’s room. This painting is stored in the Museum of Modern Art, New York. In the same year he painted Iris, exactly one year before his death, in 1889 which is described as an impetus for not feeling crazy anymore which turns out this painting was sold for 53.9 million US dollars, and broke the record for being the most expensive painting ever auctioned.

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but before that this painting, which was created in April 1885, depicts the gloomy life of a peasant at that time. By trying to present the farmer’s portrait as it is, eating with bare hands is used to work the land with a shabby and rough face.

and the last one is a painting that was made before the end of his life. Paul Ferdinand Gachet is a doctor who treated Van Gogh during his dying days at the end of his life and this painting is the one he respects the most, symbolizes human merit and sincerity.

That is the result of Van Gough’s drawings which have a very deep meaning with an art that is connected to his way of life which is truly a meaningful classic.