The famous Monalisa painting until now

The famous Monalisa painting until now

The famous Monalisa painting until now – who doesn’t know the monalisa paintings that we often see on social media but do you know what the meaning of the painting is and why the painting was made.

Monalisa painting itself is made using a technique called the Sfumato Technique itself, which is a technique of coloring the painting using several layers of transparent paint to achieve a really smooth shading and highlight gradation effect. Derived from the Italian word for fog, the sfumato technique takes advantage of optically mixing colors in each layer of transparent paint.

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which is useful to be able to provide space for the artist to continue to revise the mistakes contained in his paintings. It takes a long time to work on it. However, it is not limited to using your own way of using this technique.

The Mona Lisa painting itself comes from Giorgio Vasari’s biography of Leonardo da Vinci, which was published 31 years after his death. In this book, it is stated that the woman in this painting is Lisa Gherardini which means Mona in Italian is an abbreviation for ma donna which means “mistress”.

in which Lisa was assigned by her husband, Francesco di Bartolomeo in Zanobi del Giocondo, to be a model in the painting. She lived a middle-class life, where her husband worked as a silk and cloth trader. He also has five children: Piero, Andrea, Camilla, Giocondo, and Marietta.

and this painting also has many mysteries which hypothesize it from all directions and ways in the painting.