Paintings That Describe Life

Paintings That Describe Life – In this world there are many artists who paint and draw a painting with a variety of themes, but who would have thought that some of these paintings were deliberately made by telling the story of life in the world.

1. New Horizon – Buko2

This is one of Buko2’s works and one of the best-selling images on Look at the picture, there is an astronaut who is above a planet. The position of an astronaut who is above a planet symbolizes that the human is “more dominant” than the planet below it, which seems to imply “O world, I can conquer you!”. This picture can be your motivation. Suitable for display in bedrooms, workspaces, and private rooms.

Paintings That Describe Life

2. Space And Time Color – Buko2

Still in the same artist, namely Buko2, in this picture the artist tries to combine three elements, namely, planets, people, and time. What does it mean? This image shows that times have changed and will continue to change over time. Changes in the times will also bring changes to humans, of course again as time goes by. Everything will never be permanent, everything will change.

From another point of view, this image can also be interpreted that these three elements can be connected into a wiser language as well as a message for all of us, that humans must value time, one hour, one minute, or even one second is very valuable to change the world. or even to pursue ideals.

3. Move On – Quiuque

You can already guess from the title, this painting really hints at us that we have to move on. In the picture there is a child running from right to left. As if to mean that there is always a starting point and a finish point but in moving on we don’t need to think much about it, no matter how hard it ends, and no matter how difficult it is to start, we have to move on.

On the other hand, moving on is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, it takes a lot of effort and will to make it happen. It’s not just a matter of feelings, this also happens to whatever sad events that have happened to us. On the other hand, this image is so positive that we have to move! Because being in the comfort zone is not good.

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4. Gone Fishing – Irie Wata

For those who are in love, or maybe have friends who are heartbroken because of a breakup? It is possible to comfort a friend who is heartbroken by a breakup by giving this painting. Because this painting seems to give the message “There are still many fish in the sea. Moreover, in the universe, you just need to be provoked, so that hope becomes reality.” The message is short, solid but wise enough to accept the reality so that you can continue to be enthusiastic in life and not be saddened all the time.

5. MC 05 – Marcus Cederberg

At first glance from the picture, more or less this picture has the same meaning as the picture that we discussed earlier, namely Quiuque’s work entitled Move On. The difference is that this time there is a picture of a person riding a bicycle walking from left to right. So what does this have to do with the meaning of life? The picture of a person riding a bicycle is as if a person is enjoying his life, and the position of that person in the middle illustrates that in life there will always be a process, including the one we are living now. Sometimes we often feel that we have finished a lot, even feel that we are at the “finish line”, but in fact in life there is no finish unless we have passed away, that is where the real “finish line” is. The point is, just live it, even though we don’t know how it ends yet, keep going and just enjoy it.