Know Professional Painting Tools


Know Professional Painting Tools – Painting is one of the branches of art that is widely cultivated by the public. It can be seen how many painters in Indonesia ranging from famous painters to street painters. Well, for those of you who just want to dive into the world of painting, of course, before you practice making paintings, you need to know about the theory of painting and of course know what equipment is used in painting. One of the secrets of professional painters, of course, is that they are not only “talented” but they also know the correct painting technique, even the most important basic thing for painters is knowing the various uses and functions of painting equipment. In general, some tools and materials for painting for beginners include brushes, brushes, pencils, rulers, erasers, paper, canvas, paints and other tools. All of the core things above are attempted to be completed before starting to paint something.

In practice, it also takes several Techniques in Painting that must be mastered first, and also Elements in Fine Arts such as an understanding of Points, Lines, Fields, Textures, Lighting, shapes and so on.

Professional Painting Tools

1. Paper
If you are a beginner, then the first medium you should prepare is paper. You can choose the paper with the desired thickness and adjust it according to your needs.

Paper is also very suitable to be combined with watercolors, because the surface has high absorption and does not have pores. As a painting technique using watercolors on paper media, try to make the paint not dissolved too thick.

2. Canvas
The next painting tool is Canvas. As a basic element, Canvas has a slight difference from paper which is generally not porous, while canvas has pores with white base paint as a cover.

Canvas is more suitable to be combined with oil paints, not watercolors. This is because oil paint requires a rather thick medium in the coloring stage. Canvas type for painting consists of several kinds, including:

3. Brush
The next tool for painting is a brush. A brush is a medium used to stroke paint through a soft tip and made of fine hairs, onto paper or canvas, by forming objects from sketches that have been assembled.

The role of the brush is so important in the world of painting. But even so, not a few also prefer to use their own fingers rather than using a brush. However, this method has a special technique and is not suitable for beginners to practice. By using their own fingers, artists generally use acrylic paints or watercolors that are directly removed from the tub, so the texture is much thicker. This technique is usually done by professionals.

4. Paint
The next painting equipment is Paint. Paint is an important element in the process of making a painting. With the paint, the impression on the painting will be more alive, beautiful and has a high selling price.

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5. Palette
In addition to brushes, paint, paper and canvas, the next painting equipment is a palette. A palette is a plate-shaped tool resembling a shield that is usually used by painters to put various colors of paint, commonly referred to as a color palette.

The Palette function is used as a place to put paint and brushes, before being applied to a medium for painting such as paper or canvas. Palettes generally have a slippery base, so any type of paint won’t stick to them.

Pallets have various types, some are box-shaped, with certain designs, made of plastic, stainless steel, have complements, made of ceramics, aluminum and other forms.

In addition, you also need a palette cleaner, which can also be used to stir the paint in the palette. However, many painting masters also use it to clean the palette after finishing painting.

6. Easel
The next Painting Equipment is Easel. Maybe there are still many beginners who are unfamiliar with this name, but if I mention “paperclip / canvas” then everyone will immediately recognize it.

Yes, easel is a media clamp for painting, standing slightly tilted with varying heights, using 2 sticks at each corner. The size of each Easel adjusts to the size of the canvas / paper.

7. Pencil
Pencils are painting equipment that can be said to be mandatory and available. Pencils are generally used to make initial sketches of painting objects. This needs to be done to maximize the sketch, because if it is wrong it can still be deleted.

8. Markers
Next there is a marker, which is used to paint on fabric media. This special marker is different from the type we are familiar with at school or the office. These markers are specially designed for artists.