Famous painter from the Netherlands named Rembrandt

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Famous painter from the Netherlands named Rembrandt – Art lovers must know this painter from the Netherlands who has 2700 very famous arts who will paint with his distinctive Baroque or Baroque style of painting.

In 1642, Rembrandt van Rijn produced a painting commissioned by the Mayor of Amsterdam and the leader of the Amsterdam civilian guard, Frans Banninck Cocq. With a painting that is 4.5 meters wide and up to 4 meters high it is known as one of Rembrandt’s most ambitious and magnum opus works.

The weight of the painting itself with the title De Nachwacht itself is around 337 kilograms. For his work, Rembrandt was rewarded with a commission of 1,600 guilders. A large number for the time being featured as Amsterdam militia frontmen Captain Frans Banninck Cocq and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch in the spotlight wearing a red sash and yellow hat.

which is where the two figures together with their militia members are depicted with an authoritative and energetic dynamic composition. Rembrandt himself painted another part of the two figures as if they were preparing for a patrol with several members checking their rifles and beckoning outside the frame.

Rembrandt’s first major work that the Amsterdam public could enjoy was The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp (Anatomy Lesson by Dr. Tulp, 1632), describing the gathered figures of the Surgeons’ Union. Rembrandt himself composed them (the characters in his painting) in pyramid form, creating a natural balance.

Despite his success as an artist, teacher, and art dealer, his extravagant lifestyle forced him to declare bankruptcy in 1656. He began selling his house and some of his art because of debt.