Auctioned Earth Pirapat Paintings

Auctioned Earth Pirapat Paintings

Auctioned Earth Pirapat Paintings – Nowadays, the world of art is being talked about more and more by people. Because many people buy and even sell their own work. Actor from Thailand, Earth Pirapat is known to be auctioning some of his paintings. This was done by the actor under GMMTV to donate to several Thai foundations and hospitals that are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apart from being an actor, Earth is known as a figure who has a high artistic soul. Not only acting, another art that he mastered is painting.

1. Daisy

The first painting that was auctioned by Earth Pirapat was an image of a sky landscape accompanied by a flower field which he named ‘Daisy’.

The 27-year-old actor admitted that he was inspired by one of the shooting locations in his popular series, A Tale of Thousand Stars, when he drew it, you know.

2. Sunset Beach

The painting of the Venice beach at sunset is the second painting to be auctioned by Earth Pirapat.

Feeling bored every day just staying at home because of the pandemic, Earth expressed his desire to take a vacation by painting one of the beautiful beaches located in the United States.

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3. Mountain and Flowers

Claiming to be not very confident with the paintings he drew, Earth Pirapat also auctioned off his imaginary paintings in the form of a daisy field and a beautiful view of the mountains.

4. Still Light

Painting it when experiencing insomnia, this fourth painting auctioned by Earth Pirapat is called ‘Still Light’.

An expression of the heart of Earth Pirapat who is experiencing anxiety and worrying about everything, this painting has a very touching message, namely, “In every darkness there will be light for us to see.”

5. Snow with Someone’s Shadow

‘Snow with Someone’s Shadow’ is a street painting in the United States created from a photo on Earth Pirapat’s cell phone that he took while visiting the country.

This painting also shows Earth Pirapat’s longing to travel to various countries.