Web Designer-Sydney Forrester
Here at Purdy Art Co, we have found that Photography and
Web-site creation go hand-in-hand.  To have a first class Web-
site, you need first class photography and that is where we
can help your business or personal Web-site go from ordinary

Web-sites for your Business
Sydney Forrester, our Web designer, has been in the Corporate
Technology arena for over 15 years and working for Fortune 500
corporations on the business side for 25 years.  She is not only familiar  
with good marketing techniques but also with what helps sell your
business.   Whether you want an artistic, whimsical, or conservative flair
to your Web-site, we can design it to fit your needs.

To have a real presence in the business world today, it is a necessity to
have a first class Web-site.  Let us take photos of your products or
business establishment and turn them into a wonderful marketing tool
that can be viewed by customers all over the world from your Web-site.

Search Engine Knowledge for Promoting your Website Ranking!

Technical features we offer:
  •  Flash - to add movement/animation to your Web-site
  •  Video enhanced Web-site
  •  SQL /PHP to build customer databases for your Web-site   
  •  PERL for elaborate contact forms for your Web-site   
  •  HTML code adjustments to do just about anything you want

Let us consult with you and help you plan and implement
a successful Web-site.

For Professional Web Design,
Pricing and Site Examples
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