What To Do When You Have Lost Your Keys?

Everyday motorists all over the nation face one of their greatest fears, being locked out of their car were losing their car keys. While this may not be a life or death situation, it is still rather stressful. However, it is now more than easy to find a reputable locksmith who can solve your problem. Of course, you may have seen people jimmy open their locks with a wire hanger or magnet. While they may get their door open, they are risking expensive repairs to the internal components of the door and possibly scratch in the car’s exterior. Your car is a large investment you simply do not want to damage it by trying to get keys out. A locksmith has the tools and knowledge to get your keys safely without any damage to the car. In a perfect world. You would never need a locksmith. However, time will come when you lose your keys or lock them in the car, and you’re going to need one. That is why you want to do your research now and find a professional you can trust in your area.

Locksmiths have a wide assortment of methods to capture keys from a locked car. The tools they use vary depending upon the cars make and the type of lock. Here are some of the most common tools you’ll see a locksmith use to unlock a car.

The Locksmith Wedge

With this tool, the locksmith can access the locks are outside of the car. This does require them to use the gap that is located between the door and the interior of the car. A locksmith has several varieties to choose from including vinyl, metal, and plastic wedges. These are also available in a thin or thick size to accommodate many different vehicles. While the metal wedge is the strongest of the group, it is also the one that can do the most damage to your car if used improperly. One of the best wedges on the market is the inflatable air wedge. This pledge is simply pumped up to widen the gap in the interior to allow access to the weatherstripping for easy and efficient opening.

Long Reach Tools

When the locksmith has gone the weatherstripping to open, they’ll be able to use a long tool to pull the lock open or press the button to unlock the doors. This tool is known as the Slim Jim and typically will work in almost all situations. It is made out of metal and is long and thin to slide between the weatherstripping and window. However, many of the newer model cars have built-in precautions that will not allow the Slim Jim to work. Thankfully, there are several alternative methods that can be used on these cars. Some of the other tools a locksmith may have at their disposal include a lasso or loop pull that can be slid down and used to open the door.

Vehicle Lock Picks

There are automotive lock picks that can be used to release easily the lock and not do any damage to the car at all. These are available for almost all models of cars and can unlock a car from the outside as long as the professional is familiar with it.


There used to be a time when people would call upon local law enforcement to help them in their car keys were left inside of the vehicle. Depending upon the law enforcement official you call some may still help you. However, they do not have the same tools that a locksmith would have and will damage to the car. It is due to these types of damages that many law-enforcement departments will not respond to locked keys. Typically, the only way law enforcement will open a locked door is if it is a medical emergency or a child has been locked in the car by accident. The tools that a locksmith has at their disposal make it much easier for them to enter car than law enforcement.

A locksmith has been highly trained and is knowledgeable about various car makes and models. They can gain entry into the car without destroying the paint job or the internal locking mechanisms. A locksmith is your best course of action if you’ve lost your keys or lock them in the car.